Fabrizio Plessi, Liquid Life, Venice Arsenal, 2015

Fabrizio Plessi, Liquid Life, Giorgio Franchetti Gallery , 2015


Fabrizio Plessi, Liquid Life, Venice Arsenal, 2015


Fabrizio Plessi, Liquid Life, Giorgio Franchetti Gallery , 2015


Plessi Liquid Life

06.05 22.11.2015

As Plessi himself stated: «Water has always been the leitmotif of my life and of my artistic and cultural journey». And water is, indeed, the dominant theme of two distinct exhibitions, part of PLESSI IN VENICE, both curated by Marco Tonelli. The project, showed during the 56th edition of the Venice Biennale, was accompanied by two catalogs published by Peruzzo Editoriale: the first dedicated to the exhibition in Ca ‘d’Oro, the second dedicated to the installation at the Arsenal.

The first  exhibition is PLESSI. LIQUID LIFE. “The flow of memory”,  organized by the Veneto Museum Hub (Polo Museale del Veneto) in partnership with the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation under the patronage of EXPO 2015  and presented at the Giorgio Franchetti Gallery at the Ca’ d’Oro. At the Ca’ d’Oro, Plessi designed a video-installation in which screens, inserted within tables, show images of an “electronic flow” of water, serving as an idealized representation of his flow of thought and of his entire creative life.

The other event, organized by the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation, under the patronage of the Regional Council of the Veneto and of VENICE TO EXPO 2015, staged over the same dates at the Tesa 94 at the Arsenal, was a single, large installation entitled PLESSI. LIQUID LIGHT. For the first time after 40 years featured no trace of monitors or plasma screens, but simply a pale, mysterious bluish light (reminiscent of the light given off by television sets) that emerged from the keels of 14 overturned boats –llaüts to be precise, the traditional vessels used in the Balearics for trawling against the aural backdrop of the waves. Following the intervention of the European Union, which incentivised their withdrawal, many llaüts were abandoned by the fishermen. After in-depth research and salvaging operations carried out in Mallorca, Fabrizio Plessi wanted to give these boats a new lease of life by turning them into both the content and the containers of this installation, which pays tribute to the Mediterranean.

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