Ante-Poster. Declaration of a space, 2022, installation view


Ante–Poster. Declaration of a space

23.07 24.09.2022

The project was launched last autumn in collaboration with the Multiplo graphic design studio and aims to tell the story of the transformation of the Church of Saint Agnes in the historic centre of Padua through a temporary exhibition of posters by six artists. The place has undergone many transformations over time and soon, it will become the new cultural venue of the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation.

The Director Marco Trevisan tells us about the project, set:

Ante-Post is a term of Latin origin used in various contexts in contemporary language (particularly in the formula ‘ex ante – ex post’). It is commonly used in the world of betting: an ‘ante-post’ bet is placed before the start of a competition or tournament, generally with reference to very long time frames. In short, it is a risky bet made well in advance which can pay off well. The Ante-Poster project is also a gamble, but here we are not talking about risk, rather about adventure. An adventure that will bring the 14th century into dialogue with the 21st century – fragments of frescoes from Giotto’s time with contemporary art, a challenge that will take shape in a deconsecrated 12th century church – Saint Agnes in Padua – whose long restoration is now almost complete. The opening is scheduled for next spring, so there was no desire to wait for the ‘post’, as time plays a transversal role in the whole project.

The exhibition is ended at the end of September 2022; The six artist posters made and printed on fine-art paper are displayed in the space destined to become the Foundation’s bookshop. The same windows where, from December 2021 to July 2022 about every two months, the posters of Ignacio Uriarte, Susanne Kutter, Giulia Siviero, Esther Stocker, Serena Fineschi and Marc Nagtzaam followed.


Via Dante Alighieri, 61