03.2020 – 06.2020

Digital Project. The Power of Art


Digital Project – The power of art (March – June 2020)

This project was developed in the first months of 2020 during the first lockdown period that saw much of the world change rapidly. The themes addressed within this project essentially concern the role of art in contemporary society. Each day was told through the words of collectors, museum directors, artists and simple enthusiasts of #thepowererofART, of how art has marked our lives during an unusual time. The role of art in contemporary society is often discussed, and on this occasion the Foundation simply wanted to emphasise the ‘power of art’, by asking the interlocutor to talk about a work that has impressed them or even changed their life, or even to talk about a work that tells us something in these complex times. Not only to emphasise the miraculous and redeeming power of art, but also to remind us that art is an expression of life and of what surrounds us, for better or for worse, that it can be comforting or not, and can also be a stimulus for change.

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