Workshop. From performance to data visualisation


Open to students, thesis students and PhD students from humanities, art and science faculties, as well as to young professionals, designers and creatives, the workshop was an interdisciplinary and immersive experience dealing with data as a contemporary cultural artefact. Starting from the analysis of the data, the participants, divided into groups, were asked to collaboratively imagine, with the assistance of the teachers, concepts for installations, works, services and interventions in public spaces and to transform the new source of open data into immersive experiences capable of generating meaning, in which to understand the phenomenon of the Biennale and its coexistence with the city of Venice and its inhabitants.

The heart of the workshop is the new source of open data generated by the Human Architecture installation starting from the opening of the Biennale, which, when returned in the form of an artistic installation in the Venice Pavilion, becomes observable and accessible material, shared knowledge and a starting point to trigger city practices and projects as a new element of public space.

Initiative promoted by

Alberto Peruzzo Foundation, Starts, Her, PlusValue with Management Department collaboration of Ca’Foscari University of Venice.