01.12.2021 – 11.07.2022


1/6 Ante—Poster 06, Marc Nagtzaam, This Variation/ The Same Arguments, 2021
2/6 Ante—Poster 05, Serena Fineschi, Ingannare l’attesa (about Rothko), Trash Series, 2021
3/6 Ante—Poster 04, Esther Stocker, Senza titolo, 2021
4/6 Ante—Poster 03. Giulia Siviero, Full Coverage Painting, 2020
5/6 Ante—Poster 02. Susanne Kutter, The “Even Given” on Her Way Through the Suez Canal, 2020
6/6 Ante—Poster 01, Ignacio Uriarte, Semicircle Shift, 2021

The posters were displayed in the windows of what will become the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation’s bookshop. Their presence shows the community a process that is underway: the restoration and renovation of the Church of Saint Agnes, the Foundation’s new exhibition space.

The project was developed in collaboration with the Multiplo graphic design studio and involves six artists: Serena Fineschi, Susanne Kutter, Marc Nagtzaam, Giulia Siviero, Esther Stocker and Ignacio Uriarte.

It is presented as a ‘public art’ initiative conceived and realised with the intention of being visible and accessible to the community. It is about giving back to the community an important place in the city, which through contemporary art can come back to life, expressing new meanings.

The foundation’s roots lie, among other things, in the printing of books and art catalogues, and the project will be completed with the printing of six artist posters on fine art paper in a 50×70 cm format in a limited edition of 100 numbered and signed copies, available to the public.

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Ignacio Uriarte, Semicircle Shift, 2020
Susanne Kutter, The “Even Given” on Her Way Through the Suez Canal, 2020
Giulia Siviero, Full Coverage Painting, 2020
Esther Stocker, Senza titolo, 2021
Serena Fineschi, Ingannare l’attesa (about Rothko), Trash Series, 2021
Marc Nagtzaam, This Variation/ The Same Arguments, 2021

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