Notebook Series. I Quaderni della Fondazione

1/5 The speech of Riccardo Caldura, July 2023.
2/5 Notebook series presentation, July 2023.
3/5 Notebooks series, July 2023.
4/5 Notebooks series, July 2023.
5/5 Notebooks series presentation , July 2023.

On Tuesday 4th July at 6.30 pm the Notebook series of the Foundation was officially presented at the New Saint Agnes; an editorial project, which began in September 2021 with the aim to talk about the cultural activities and projects promoted by the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation in synergy with the local area.

First of all was the notebook dedicated to the restoration of the site-specific work made by Jannis Kounellis Resistenza e liberazione  located in the  Cortile Nuovo of Palazzo del Bo, commisionned by the University to the artist in 1995. This is follow the second pubblication Ante-Poster. Dichiarazione di uno spazio realized in collaboration with Multiplo Studio, which tells about the transofrmation process of Saint Agnes church through the creation of six artist posters which for about seven months followed one another in the windows of the future bookshop of the Foundation. The third notebook was born in collaboration with the University of Padua and tells the story of Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia  and the monument restoration dedicated to her figure in occasion of the anniversary (800 years) of the University. In this occasion was presented the last notebook dedicated to the first exhibition in the New Saint Agnes (Nuova Sant’Agnese) curated by Riccardo Caldura, director of the Venice Academy of Fine Arts.


President Alberto Peruzzo
Director Marco Trevisan
Curator of the exhibition Riccardo Caldura
Professor Guido Bartorelli
Prorector of Cultural Heritage Monica Salvadori
Professor Tiziana Plebani