Quayola, Jardins d’été, Arte Sella, 2020

Quayola, Jardins d’été, Arte Sella, 2020


Quayola, Jardins d’été, Arte Sella, 2020


Quayola, Jardins d’été, Arte Sella, 2020


Quayola. Jardins d’été

13.09 22.02.2020

After the Second Nature exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Padua at the end of 2019, the Jardins d’été audio-visual installation was shown in the Malga Costa area of Arte Sella. This project by the artist Quayola offers a new interpretation of the natural world, where nature and technology enter into a non-obvious dialogue in which the latter is not only and simply an instrument for reading the former.

In the Arte Sella open-air museum, dialogue and contact with nature are central. Here the artists are not the only protagonists, but accept that nature can add to, modify and complete a work of art. The artist is the creator, but is just as much a creator as nature itself.

With Jardins d’Été, Quayola puts himself in the shoes of the traditional artist by going to the places dear to the Impressionist painters and trying to interpret nature, but with technological equipment. The starting point is the images taken in the gardens of the Loire, but shot in such a way that many of them appear to be computer-generated, using software that alters the final view, in a continuous interplay between the real and the artificial. Nature is a source of knowledge and experience so it provides information and data, but then it is us, through our experience which is also made up of technology, who interpret it.


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