Omar Hassan, Do Ut Des, 2017

Omar Hassan, Do Ut Des, 2017


Omar Hassan, Do Ut Des, 2017


Omar Hassan, Do Ut Des, 2017


Omar Hassan. Do Ut des

21.05 08.09.2017

During the 57th Venice Biennale the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation, in partnership with the ContiniArtUK Gallery organized the exhibition “Do Ut Des” of Omar Hassan artist at Misericordia church in Venice.

The works shown by the Milanese artist within the space managed to link together, through the achievement of a balanced harmony, his artistic research and the beauty of the time-honored architecture. Hassan interacted directly with the architectural structures – such as the glass in the rose window – and, in a dialogue with the paintings and marble of the church itself, elected to site within the space a number of plaster casts of Greek statues, which he then spray-painted. This pictorial gesture, at once simple and incisive, succeeded in melding urban philosophy and the language of street art with classical art, transposing it into a contemporary key. 

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