1/2 Marco Maria Zanin, Garage, 2020
2/2 Marco Maria Zanin, Main entrance, 2019-2020

Marco Maria Zanin, Garage, 2020


Marco Maria Zanin, Main entrance, 2019-2020


Marco Maria Zanin. Layers of time in the Church of Saint Agnes

22.09 18.10.2020

Marco Maria Zanin (b. Padua, 1983) is an artist and researcher who uses photography as his main, but not only, means of expression: his works are an immersion into what time has transformed, the search for a balance and a new path towards the future that enhances the passage of time and its traces; mindful of tradition, the signs of man and the tools that he uses to modify the environment and the territory, from architecture to the tools of yesterday and today.

Through photography he seeks to restore meaning and context to these stratifications in contemporary society: in his works past and present overlap, light and highly poetic signs trace a new interpretative path made up of empty spaces and silences, in an attempt to establish and reconnect links that always put man and his harmonious relationship with the environment at the centre.

For the above reasons, the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation entrusted Marco Maria Zanin with a photography project that interprets the physical and striking presence of the empty spaces of the Church of Saint Agnes. Zanin worked inside the building during the restoration, aiming to capture those signs and fragments that tell the stories and events of Saint Agnes. 

The photography project, consisting of thirteen medium- and large-format shots, was carried out by the artist between 2019 and 2020 and exhibited at the Casa dei Tre Oci in September 2020. It is now an official part of the Alberto Peruzzo Collection.