Fabrizio Plessi, The flow of reason, 2013

Fabrizio Plessi, The flow of reason, 2013


Fabrizio Plessi, The flow of reason, 2013


Fabrizio Plessi, The flow of reason, 2013


Fabrizio Plessi. The flow of reason

27.10.2012 13.01.2013

The aim of the exhibition – presented at the Palazzo della Ragione in Padua – was to reread the artist’s creative history through the drawings that represent the conceptual and design phase of his video installations, already exhibited in the world’s greatest museums and at the most important contemporary art events. The drawings were part of a large installation designed by the artist himself, running the length of the hall: an ‘electronic flow’ of water and fire that is perhaps the most recognisable feature of his work.

A path that unfolds like a ‘flow’ of thoughts, changes and departures, mapped out in sheets, sketches, even occasional ones when the emergence of an idea was compelling, in notebooks, showing the evolutions of the initial project, like secret thoughts not intended for the public but presented in the exhibition to show the artist’s main work, that of design. The exhibition is therefore an investigation into the workings of creative thought, in which the drawing represents the constitutive skeleton of the work.

Fabrizio Plessi’s project thus creates an exciting dialogue between the language of sign and that of video, through which the history of his expression has taken shape.

On this occasion, the Peruzzo Group supported and contributed to the creation of the exhibition catalogue, the result of numerous critical contributions and edited by Annamaria Sandonà, while some of the artist’s works are part of the Alberto Peruzzo Collection.

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