From restoration to valorization | Guided tours

1/4 Fondazione Alberto Peruzzo, Nero Oro, 2024. Photo: Ugo Carmeni
2/4 Fondazione Alberto Peruzzo, Fresco Fragments, 14th century
3/4 Fondazione Alberto Peruzzo, Hypogeum, 2023. Photo: Chiara Rigato
4/4 Fondazione Alberto Peruzzo,Hypogeum, 2023. Photo: HMG
Guided tour
On the occasion of the exhibition Nero Oro curated by Riccardo Caldura ( 6th Apr. – 13th Oct.) the public will also be guaranteed free use of the state-owned historical-artistic finds currently set up in the Hypogeum, on Wednesday mornings from 11 am to 2 pm .
The first guided tour scheduled for Wednesday 17 April at 11am with reservations required while places last. It will therefore be necessary to register for each appointment and indicate the number of participants and a telephone number to the institutional mailbox of Dr. Debora Tosato (debora.tosato@cultura.gov.it).